Yahoo Search Submit Express Categories

Category CPC Definition
Adult 15c

URL displays, promotes, or offers for sale any adult goods, services, or other adult-oriented material.

Apparel 30c

All clothing, shoes, and clothing accessories for men, women, children, and babies - generally, most clothing that are designed to be worn.

This includes: lingerie, dresses, pants, outerwear, wallets, purses, handbags and mini backpacks (not for use outdoors); belts; money clips; shoe polish, costumes, costume makeup, masks, patches, wedding dresses, head pieces, bracelets, religious clothing for ceremonies, Tallit, personal handheld umbrellas, sarongs, checkbook covers, chemise, weskit, key chains

This does not include Sports-related clothing or shoes, which should be categorized under "Sports & Outdoors."

Automotive 15c

All motorized vehicles plus a ll parts, accessories, and tools for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and other marine vehicles.

Includes: tire & wheel accessories (e.g. wheel locks, hub caps, valve stems), performance parts, carbon fiber parts, tune-up meters, license plates and license plate frames, tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, wheels for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, stagecoaches.

Does not include shop manuals (see "Books").



All books that have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), or EAN (European Article Number).

All magazines including trade journals and academic journals and all other reading materials that are not magazines and do not have an ISBN. Also includes all calendars for the home.

Computers & Software


Any computer or software product, including desktops, servers, towers, all-in-ones (e.g., Apple iMac), laptops/notebooks, tablet pc's, all brands of PDA's and PDA accessories, all types of printers (laser jet, ink jet, dot matrix, multifunction), printer ink cartridges, refill kits, ribbons, laser toner, computer peripherals such as mice, mousepads, etc., and all PC software (Mac, Windows, Linux etc.) and PC Games.

Does not include console games (e.g. Playstation, Xbox, see "Music & Video").



Dating, matchmaking, and other social networking services.

Education & Career


Job listings, resume services, school listings and comparisons, exam prep products and services, career coaching and information, etc.



All electronic products and accessories. Includes: cell phones, digital cameras, DVD players, VCR's, AV furniture, answering machines, batteries (ALL), blank media (e.g. camcorder tape, mini DV tape, cassette tape, VHS tape, MiniDisc), speakers, car audio, audio/video cables, SLR cameras, all camera accessories, MP3 players, home audio/video, televisions, GPS receivers, cell phone accessories, pre paid phone cards.

Entertainment & Attractions


Restaurants, amusement parks, museums, and other local destinations, which are not specifically travel-related, as well as radio and television shows (for example, soap operas) and other broadcast entertainment.

Financial Services


Banking, loans, mortgages, credit information and services, credit cards, insurance, mutual funds, brokerages, comparative or analytical information relating to investing or investments, annuities, stocks, bonds, options, derivatives, other financial instruments, credit or investment counseling, tax information, advice, and services, etc.

Flowers, Gifts & Registry


Gift packed items including gifts for occasions such as holidays and birthdays, all party and wedding supplies, all real and artificial (e.g. silk and plastic) flowers, food, baby food, tobacco-related products, wine, wine bags, gift baskets.

Includes: Easter baskets, occasion cards, announcement cards, wrapping paper, wrapping bows, party plates, paper and plastic cups, party napkins, party tablecloths, party invitations, balloons, wedding favors, wedding invitations, guest books.

Does not include: dresses, headpieces or other types of apparel (see "Apparel") or health food shake mixes and energy bars (see "Health, Beauty & Personal Care").

Health, Beauty & Personal Care


All consumer-packaged goods typically found in drug stores or supermarkets and all fragrances/perfumes, makeup, hair care, skin care, bath products, and manicure/pedicure items.

Includes: beauty products (makeup, fragrances, skin care), first aid kits, baby lotions, oils, soap, shampoo, diapers, hair and beard trimmer, bath products, nail care, hair care, wigs, glass perfume bottle, tanning beds and lamps, makeup bag, makeup case, temporary tattoos, hair dryers, hair brushes, combs.

Home & Garden


Items related to the home, lawn, and gardening.

Includes furniture, housewares, kitchen, bed and bath, furnishings, garden and patio, pet supplies, travel accessories, tools and hardware, all electric or gas home appliances, all small, powered countertop appliances, Christmas ornaments, collector plates, statues, religious statues and other artifacts, collector cards (sports and nonsport), comic books, posters (movie, fine art, music etc., framed or not framed), coins, magnets, collectible stickers and decals, art, hobby, sewing and craft supplies, such as frames, frame kits, cross stitch kits and other needle art kits, wood kits that require assembly, scrap book supplies, cloth material, fabric, lace, collecting supplies for cards, coins, comic books etc. (e.g. protective holders and bags, art and craft classes, downloaded plans for arts and crafts, crayons, art and craft related stickers and decals, jewelry boxes, lighters, wastebaskets, candles, tablecloths, desktop clocks, bookends, stationery, scissors, smokeless ashtrays, plain or noncollectible lunch boxes, flags, outdoor patio umbrellas, track lighting accessories, saunas, ceiling fans, outdoor propane heaters, BBQ's, outdoor grills or gas grills, appliance parts and accessories (for either small or large appliances), such as oven hoods, wash bags, flues, all furniture (inside and outside a home), lamps (floor, hanging or table), bed frames, mattresses, rocking chairs, room dividers, cookware, glassware, cutlery, dishes and other kitchen gadgets, pet supplies, bowls, litter, litter boxes, leashes, collars, pet partition, pet food, home power tools, hand tools, hardware, fixtures and accessories, lawn mowers, sanding discs, drills, drill bits, monkey wrench, nuts, bolts, fire extinguishers, faucets, luggage & all standard size backpacks (not backpacking packs, see "Sports & Outdoors"), maps, travel clocks, adapter plugs, tickets for nonsport events, freezers, refrigerators, washer and dryers, ovens, air conditioners, blenders, bread machines, can openers, coffee grinders, coffee makers, coffee urns, crock pots, deep fryers, egg cookers, electric kettles, electric knives and sharpeners, electric skillets, electric woks, espresso machines, food dehydrators, food grinders, food processors, food slicers, grain mills, griddles, hot plates, humidifiers, ice cream makers, ice shavers, irons and steamers, jar openers, juicers, milk frothers, mixers, pasta machines, peelers, popcorn poppers, roaster ovens, sandwich makers, slow cookers, steamers and rice cookers, tea makers, toaster ovens, toasters, vacuum cleaners, vacuum sealers, waffle makers, portable electric heaters.

Jewelry & Watches


Includes: jewelry with or without precious or semiprecious stones, all watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, tongue rings, jewelry cleaner.

Music & Video


Includes: prerecorded audio, musical instruments and accessories, audio and audio accessories, all DVD and VHS videos, including independent self releases and instructional VCDs. All console video games and accessories.



All office furniture and supplies and business and commercial products.

Includes: office equipment, copy machines and fax (only) machines, business products such as store signs, doctor's office supplies, charts, office calendars.



Anything that does not correspond to one of the other specific categories. This category should be used infrequently.

Professional Services


Legal, accounting, consulting, engineering, architectural, design, and other professional services offered either to individuals or to businesses.

Real Estate


Real estate listings, investment advice and strategies, brokerages, instructional courses and materials, etc.

Mortgage-related information should be categorized as "Financial Services."



Dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, telephone and email listings, libraries, databases of public information, and other general sources of information including news.

Sports & Outdoors


All sporting and outdoor equipment related to sporting and outdoor activities, including apparel.

Includes: protective gear (e.g. helmets, pads, gloves, ankle and elbow supports, goggles), self-defense items (e.g. martial arts products, pepper spray), team logo products (e.g. blankets, bedding, shower curtains), skateboards and parts, snow boards and parts, surfboards, surfboard cords, surfboard wax, roller skates, roller blades, heart rate monitors, Swiss army knifes, skate bearings, knives, backpacking backpacks (not standard school types), fitness equipment, rowing machines, pool toys, telescopes, golf shoes, biking shoes.

Telecom & Web Services


Local telephone service, cell phone service, internet telephony, long distance services, calling cards. ISP's, DSL, cable, and other broadband internet connections, web hosting, web site design and optimization, etc.

Computer hardware and software are in the "Computers & Software" category. Telephones and cell phones are in the "Electronics" category.

Toys & Baby Equipment


Includes: slot cars, train sets and accessories, plastic models, RC cars, planes, dice, microscopes, roll playing games (D&D etc.), Hot Wheels. All equipment related to baby care, including diaper bags, pillows, crib padding, pacifiers, bottles, baby gym, strollers, car seats, breast pumps, child bike trainers, stroller accessories.

Does not include craft and art supplies (see "Home & Garden").



Informational and booking services for air, hotel, dining, car rental, cruise, bus, tour, luggage, destination, and other travel-related services. Travel agencies. Information and services related to visas, passports, tickets, the travel industry, travel security, etc.

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