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PrioritySubmit - FAQ

How long will my web page remain in the applicable Search Engine/Directory index?

Most engines will index your site for 12 months. Prior to the expiration date, you will receive an email containing renewal instructions. You can either renew for the next 12 months or cancel your subscription. If you have selected the auto renew option, your URLs will be automatically renewed.

If I change my web page, how long before the changes are updated by the Search Engines?

  • Yahoo Search submit re-index your page every 48 hours.
  • WebWombat re-index your page every 48 hours.
  • whatUseek is a Directory who provide human reviews of your URL.

Will Priority paid inclusion services improve my search position ranking?

This very much depends on each individual engine. Engines like WebWombat display their paid results at the top of the result pages, so you do in fact receive a major ranking benefit. Some engines have several month's backlog of websites to index and/or review from free based submissions, and many don't guarantee that free submissions will be indexed at all. Paid inclusion guarantees indexing within a specific time frame. Some engines may give you a ranking boost, while others just use their relevancy algorithms and give no preferential treatment to pay inclusion customers.

This is where the re-indexing of your website every 48 hours is of major benefit, as you are able to fine tune your page to improve your search engine position and relevancy.

Check the policy of each engine for more information.

How can I check that my website is included/indexed?

For our top search engines, simply select the engine you submitted to, enter your URL (domain name) or a few keywords/phrases from your website, and click on the verify button.

Please allow 7 days after submission to be sure to have your site listed on most search engines and directories.

Partner sites may take longer to display your URL as they might not refresh their data as often as the results provider.


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For other engines, click on the link below to visit the engine, then search for your URL (domain name) or a few keywords/phrases from your website.

I have submitted my site but cannot find it on the search engines?

Ensure that your site is fully operational eg. no errors such as 404, 500 etc. Here are some tips:

  • Your page should not generate error messages such as "File not Found", "Internal Server Error".
  • Your page must not require a username, password, cookie or other authentication in order to access it.
  • Your page must not REDIRECT to another page.
  • Most Search Engines do not spider pages hosted on a secure server (i.e., https://).
  • Check that your robots.txt file does not prohibit the spider from spidering the page.
  • The web page must contain text in the HTML, not graphics only.

Once you have addressed any problems and your site is operational, all Search Engines re-spider to include your page within 48 hours to 1 week. So you are guaranteed that your site is always included for the entire subscription period.

What is the difference between the free Add URL services at partner sites and the Priority Inclusion service?

The Priority Listing service is a PREMIUM and EXPRESS listing service as provided by each Search Engine. Each Search Engine provides specific benefits for their paid inclusion services, such as:

  • Express 48 Hour inclusion into Entireweb, SunSteam, and whatUseek.
  • Express 5 day inclusion into the WebWombat index.
  • Your URL will be indexed for a 12 month period and regularly refreshed depending on which search engine you chose.
  • Guaranteed inclusion and higher placement on some Engines.

Whereas sites submitted through the free submission sections:

  • Are NOT guaranteed inclusion. Many pages submitted for free are purely ignored and never indexed, due to the high volumes of such submissions made on a daily basis.
  • Inclusion usually takes between 2 to 6 months, if at all.
  • Once included your pages are spidered only during periodical updates (usually once a month to every 2 months).
  • No click through, keyword or ranking reports.

Can the Search Engines spider dynamically generated pages?

Yes they can spider dynamically generated pages.

Can ADULT pages be submitted?

The majority of engines accept ADULT content, however some charge a slightly higher price per URL. Please check the listed guidelines/policies per engine to confirm if Adult content is accepted.

Which categories can I submit to for Yahoo Search submit ?

Click here to view the categories.

If my site is not listed, can I get a refund?

Submissions are non-refundable, except for Yahoo search submit click balances. Please ensure that your page meets all restrictions and guidelines before subscribing to this service.

With the Priority Inclusion services you are able to make the required changes to your website page so that it does conform to all subscribed services.

How do I access the reports ?

The reports can be accessed by logging into and clicking the Reports button.

Either click the View All button, or specify parameters to perform a search.

Depending on which engines you have submitted to, various options and status reports are available. To view the click through reports for Yahoo search submit or Scrub the web, click on the number of clicks in the Clicks column.

The Suspend column gives you the ability to suspend or reactivate an URL with Yahoo! Search Submit Express. If the column shows Suspend then the URL is active

How do I interpret the click reports?

Click reports are only shown for engines that provide us with this data.

The results are split into two sections an overview type section and the query details.

The overview section shows activity for a certain time period last week, month, 3 months, 6 months. If for example you have only been using the service for a month the oldest value will be duplicated into all older fields.

Items shown in this section are:

  • Clicks -the number of click throughs to your site.
  • Average Rank - The average rank of the site for the queries that lead to your site.

The query details show which terms where searched on to lead people to your site, and where you ranked for these queries. Once again this is split into various time periods with the oldest carrying through where necessary.

Items in this section are:

  • Query - The search term/phrase.
  • Clicks - The number of click throughs for that search term.
  • Average Rank - Your site's average rank for the search term.

How do I turn off auto renew?

Log into your account and click the Reports button. Click the View all button. The auto renew column will show a ticked checkbox for URLs that will be automatically renewed. Untick the relevant checkboxes, then click the Update Renewals button.

If you do not find an answer in the FAQ lists, please contact us

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