Search Engine Submission & Paid Inclusion


PrioritySubmit Search Engine Submission Benefits

A listing with the major Search Engines can dramatically increase your website traffic. To put it simply, if you are not indexed by the engines, your customers will not be able to find you.

Paid Inclusion

Through the PrioritySubmit program, website URLs receive:

URLs submitted to the above sites via Free ADD URL services may be included after 3-6 months, with no guarantees.

Search Engine Submission Reporting

As part of the service, you will receive submission reports, so that you can monitor the success of submissions. Click here to view sample submission reporting.

Keyword Ranking Reporting

At no further cost to you each URL submitted via PrioritySubmit will also receive a full SEO keyword ranking report and regular reporting on your website position within the search engine results.

Guaranteed Inclusion/Review

As long as you adhere to the specific terms and conditions for submissions, Priority listing GUARANTEES that your URL is added/reviewed by the search engines and more importantly this is done between 48 hours by the Guaranteed engines. There is no faster service than this.

Search Engine Frequent Updates

Your web pages will be refreshed and be re-indexed for the duration of the listing period every 48 hours by Entireweb. Any change you make to your web page, will be reflected in the search index within the specified time. You can thus modify your page to fine tune the relevancy and improve your search engine ranking. All without the need to re-submit your URL during the subscription period. The cost saved on this alone is substantial. This is by far one of the most important features to assist in search engine optimization and placement.


A guaranteed and convenient one step process to submit your URL(s) to the various priority inclusion services, all though the one interface. There is no need to fill out multiple search engines forms, we offer this service to expedite it for you. Further to this we do not charge extra for providing this service as we have formed direct partnership with each Search Engine.