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Since 1996, whatUseek has been serving searchers and webmasters alike.
Since its founding, whatUseek has been on virtually every list of recommended search engines to submit to due to its consistently growing search volume, and its close work with the webmaster community.

US$49.95Per URL
US$99.95Per URL with Adult Content

  • Your site will be added to the whatUseek index within 2 business days.
  • The link will be added to whatUseek's indexes and reflected across The whatUseek Search Network.
  • whatUseek's spiders crawl your site's content and tags, and their proprietary indexers then analyze it.
  • Additionally, whatUseek's staff of human reviewers will review your site. They will perform the final analysis and review, making any necessary adjustments to your submission profile, which can include checking for spelling errors, adjusting the index content, adjusting category information, adding commonly misspelled words, adjusting the relevance of specific site factors, etc.
  • Guaranteed inclusion of your site for 12 months.
  • Your page will be re-spidered regularly for the next 12 months.

Adult submissions:

If you wish to submit a site with Adult Content to whatUseek, please check the adult content tickbox.
Failure to do so will delay your submission.

Accepted domains / languages:

whatUseek only accepts sites in English from all domains.