Search Engine Submission & Paid Inclusion

Priority Submit - Submission Report

Sample Submission Report

Date:  11/26/08 12:15:50

1.0 URL Details

URL Title:   Your website title
Category:  Computing/Consulting/
Domains:  us,net
Language:  english
Keywords:   Keywords, computers, website, etc
Description:   Description of the URL you submitted.
Username:   testuser
Password:   ******
First Name:   John
Surname:   trueman
Title:   Mr
Company:   your company name
Street:  123 Broadway Lane
City:   Birmingham
Province:  AL
State Code:  AL
ZIP: 12345
Country:  United States
Tel:  555-555-555
Fax:  555-555-555
Mobile:  555-555-555
Toll Free:  555-555-555

2.0 Engine Summary
A successful submission has been made to the following engines:
Ixquick (uk)MwebTiscali (uk)
Tiscali (cz)Tanzania
10 Whatuseek11 Complete Online Directory12 Nicaragua
13 Costa Rica Directory14 TopSites15 Onekey
16 qksearch17 Releton18 Trexy
19 CreativeCommons20 Searchmash21 Rapid Finder
22 Mozbot23 Ocean free24 Firebusters
25 1net26 Global Irish27 1.lanic.utexas.ed/caribbean
28 Sharelook.be29 The Biz30 Google (au) - the web
31 Google (au) - Australia32 Love PINOY33 Search
34 Cipinet35 InfoTiger36 Search Who
37 UK website38 Mocambique Online39 Kvikstart
40 Searchsight41 Stop At42 JDGO
43 SearchWarp44 Euroseek45 ShyGurl
46 NewWebStuff47 Thagodz48 Lookup
49 Netscape50 WEB.DE51 Metacca
52 Arianna54 Search the web 2
55 DC2NET56 Micro2media57 Nautical World
58 AOL (uk)59 Google (us) - US60 dinobusca
61 seolinking62 Planet Tonga63
64 Grippo65 Rapid Finder66 Traffics FFA
67 Guia Brasil68 Compu Link69 Panama Directory
70 Buscapique (oceania)71 Beamed72 IndexIreland
73 DcLinks74 Jblue75 Net Search
76 OK Web77 South Seek78 bahth
79 Whatuseek (directory)80 CercaWeb81 Netstj
82 BingoVista83 Portal Free84 AOL
85 Scrub the web86 Surfsafely87
88 Official Search89 Megalink90 Google
91 Freemania92 Aesop93 BuyRI
94 Ultimate Web Search95
97 Google (ie) - Ireland98 Axxasearch99 Google (uk) - UK
100 Google (nz) - NZ101 etracking102 Boitho
103 DinoSearch For Kids104 FyberSearch105 Entireweb
106 Abacho (uk)107 Business-Inc.net108 Best Yellow
109 Sentence Seek110 Zuula111 Turnpike
112 IndexNZ113 Linkmaster114 International Photo Gallery Projet
115 What-u-seek116 Yellow Pages Superhighway117
118 stopat119 MySistersAttic120 Shoula
121 Search4more122 Netrogenic123 Kerplop
124 DWinfoserver125 Claymont126 BullionCoin
127 mysisterscellar128 Surname Site129 Searchramp
130 Pauanui Coromandel Peninsula131 Blackpool and Fyldecoast132 Home with God
133 Really Big Search134 The Zambian135
136 Findelio137 Rubrieken.com138 Cojoweb
139 Amfibi140 icqsearch141 Ixquick
142 nabusca143 Outsourcing-requests144
145 webcrawler146 Slider147 Igwanna
148 SiteSeek149 Cyber Web Search150 Eweb7
151 WebSquash152 vivatunisie.com153 The web directory
154 Categorysearches155 Peerbot156 RedZee
157 Everythingchic158 Uwad159 Google (uk) - the web
160 software-pointers161 seekpick162 GhetoSearch
163 szigg.com164 Milehighcity165 haaspaas
166 BigFinder167 Anoox168 Walesnet
169 Celticsurf170 7in1web171 Abacus