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At last there is a real alternative for all your keyword research needs. Compare our Features:

Search Term Research

Search Term Research

This invaluable research tool will tell you what users are searching for and help you find the right keywords to target.

Our database is one of the biggest, with over 32 billion searches compiled from 180 sources that include major international, pay per click, meta and regional engines.

This example lists the top queries incorporating the keyword "valentines" and the corresponding number of searches in our database.

Keyword Seasonal Trends

Seasonal Trends

This very powerful feature enables you to explore seasonal search trends and patterns.


  • Identify seasonal trends
  • Plan marketing campaigns to coincide with traditional peak periods like Christmas or Valentines Day.
  • Determine the ideal timing for your marketing campaigns.
  • Predict traffic levels during low peak periods like the holidays.
Note the valetines day peak in the data. Had you tried this search in July on any other service, you would have missed this important information. The reason is that virtually all other keyword research tools and services rely on last month's search data (last 2 months for WordTracker).

Search Term: shoes
  • boots
  • footwear
  • shoe
  • sandals
  • nike
  • loafers
  • bottes
  • boot
  • reebok
  • sneakers
  • ...


Related Search Terms

Another powerful feature is the ability to identify related search terms. This will help you find keywords and phrases that are either not obvious, or are easy to miss.

In this example a search for "shoes" has returned a list of other shoe related keywords.

Search term Analysis

Search Term Analysis provides various statistics for each keyword. These include the popularity and the total number of pages where the keyword occurs.

For search engine optimization, the best keywords are those that have a high number of searches, but are used on a small number of competing pages. This data will help you identify such terms.

Keyword Density & Cross Referencing

These two tools are probably the most powerful features for search engine optimization. They enable you to analyze pages from your website and cross reference the most popular search terms with their content. You will be able tell at a glance which terms you have covered, and which terms you are currently missing out on.

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