Search Engine Submission & Paid Inclusion

PrioritySubmit Partnerships

Strategic Partners

Trellian has formed strategic partnerships with the majority of the worlds Search Engines and Search Engine Technology providers including:

Ah-Ha (Enhance) Ah-Ha is PPC - Pay Per Click and a "bid-for-location" search engine which provides a efficient and cost-effective means of finding products and information on the Web.
All-business All-business is a fast growing company web guide in the Netherlands.
Clubrich Clubrich is a combination of Directory and Meta-Search engine reaching more than 100,000 Korean users per day.
Entireweb Entireweb partners include Entireweb, Mamma, iXQuick, and Windseek, reaching more than 120 million users monthly. provides performance-based marketing services for the Internet where the focus is to connect the consumers, advertiser, and businesses.
GotThatOnline GotThatOnline has been building its stand-alone database since 1999 and does not rely on any other database for its results, hence often providing alternative search results.
Kanoodle Kanoodle is a "bid-for-location" search engine provides a efficient and cost-effective means of finding products and information on the Web.
Yahoo!® Search SubmitTM Yahoo!® Search Submit service is the easiest way to list your web site on AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Yahoo!®, FAST an many other engines part of the Yahoo!® Search network.
PersonalPages PersonalPages is a unique combination of a portal, an index and a search engine and receives more than 30.000 visitors per month.
Scrub The Web Scrub The Web has over 2 million daily search requests and is a very popular search engine used by millions of users.
SearchFeed SearchFeed bid for placement search results are distributed to more than 5,700 leading Web portals, industry specific sites and regional Internet service providers.
SunSteam SunSteam receives more than 15 million searches each month from people seeking information.
UGA Media UGA Media is a European multimedia company which operates several business directories such as BizEurope and BizUnitedKingdom.
Web Wombat Web Wombat is an Australian portal and maintains one of the largest repositories of Australian and New Zealand web sites.
whatUseek whatUseek powers, and The whatUseek Directory.
Yahoo!® Yahoo!® is the World's most popular website and search directory.
Yahoo!® Search Replacing Inktomi, Yahoo!® Search provides world-class search technology for many leading engines throughout the world, such as About, AltaVista, AllTheWeb,, Overture and many others.

Strategic Alliances

Trellian is interested in exploring new partnerships with other Search Engines and SE Technology Providers. Trellian has the ability to provide a full turn-key solution for Search Engines and other sites that are looking at providing paid submission services.

For further information please contact us.

Strategic Resellers

As a reseller, you will be able to offer the PrioritySubmit service via a customized version of the submission server software. It will have its own unique URL and can be edited to have the same look and feel as your existing website. This is ideal for any Search Engine, SEO - Search Engine Optimization firm, SES - Search Engine Submission firm and any other site that has webmaster based traffic.


  • Attractive commission/discount on all sales
  • Commission is also paid on renewals
  • Customizable look and feel to match your existing website
  • The server is hosted by Trellian, no hosting fees
  • Trellian can process all orders and logistics
  • Control of all orders processed and placed
  • No need to rely on cookies or cgi systems tracking orders, guaranteed to track all orders
  • Ability to offer multiple Search Engine priority submission services from the one interface

To become a Strategic Reseller please contact here.